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Head 16810

Bottom bracket 16810

Seat lug 16810


Head lugs 16408

Detail Top lug 16408

Bottom brkt 16408

Seat lug 16408

Seatstay brake bridge 16408

Forks 16408

64cm.Track frame 16710

Track bike 16710

Road frame 17810

Track frame 17910

Track frame 17010

Track frame 16910

Arrow head bottom bkt. 17310

Stainless faced dropouts 17010

Chrome fork crown 17010

Dropouts chrome 17010

Chrome fork crown 16810

Chrome fork crown 16910

Road forks 17310

Fork dropouts 17310

Despatch ready to go

Another shipment to USA



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Rotrax Speedway motorcycle

Frame Building

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Prep tubes

Track ends

Track dropout jig

Assembling fluxed tubes

Fork crown polishing

More polishing

Prep for chrome

Cutting tube mitre

Jig assembling chainstays

Jig assembling seat stays

Brazing seatstay eyes

Brazed head tube

Brazed frame assembly

Seat lug

More prep

Track seatstay bridge

Stainless faced track ends

Track forks ready for cleanup

Ready for paint prep

Fork Dropouts